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Himalayan Pet Supply® Himalayan Dog Chew® the original®
Himalayan Dog Chew. The Himalayan Dog Chew was born from an ancient recipe for a hard cheese snack chewed by the people of the Himalayas. In the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest at more than 15,000 feet, it is made using traditional...
from $10.99
GoGo® Beef Taffy Dog Chew
Bring on the yums! This 100% all-natural human-grade beef chew is flavorful and high in protein.Free of any hormones, antibiotics and any other additives, these tasty beef taffy treats are perfect for any size dog and are an excellent source of...
from $2.99
Whimzees® Alligator Daily Dental Chew Dog Treat
We know your dog won’t run away from this alligator! In fact, these tasty all-natural dental chews won’t stand a chance. Made with only six primary ingredients, these fun, effective treats help remove plaque and tartar and reduce the bacteria...
from $4.49
Stella & Chewy's® Freeze Dried Wild Weenies Dog Treats
Stella & Chewy's® Freeze Dried Wild Weenies Dog Treats are butcher-shop quality treats that will make your dogs go wild! Made from 100% freeze-dried raw and 97% grass-fed and cage-free muscle and organ meat. Shaped like a little weenie, these treats...
Redbarn® Bully Ring Dog Chew
These all-natural, highly digestible Redbarn Bully Ring Dog Chews are made from a single ingredient, beef pizzle (a muscle), and slow-roasted in their own juices for maximum flavor. But they do more than pack a powerful punch of flavor. They work overtime to support your...
from $11.99
Muttropolis 'Move It' Hip & Joint Soft Chew Supplement
Muttropolis 'Move It' Hip & Joint Soft Chew Supplements are the perfect hip & joint support treat for before morning walks, play time, or jumping on the couch. Dogs young and old can benefit from hip and joint support. Our Muttropolis...
$38.99 $30.99
Lick You Silly Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
Lick You Silly Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Treats are made with only one ingredient — 100% premium USDA beef or chicken. High in lean proteins, low in calories and fat. They are soft for easy digestion making them great for puppies...
from $14.99
ZIWI® Peak Provenance Air-Dried Dog Food
Inspired by New Zealand’s rich culture and diverse landscape, these air-dried recipes feature 5 meats and fish from a single region in New Zealand. A delicious topper or complete meal, offering the ultimate nutrition for your dog! Unlike conventional dry foods...
from $9.99
Plato® Pet Treats Small Bites Dog Treats
Plato Small Bites Dog Treats are bite-sized, meaty morsels that are the perfect size for training or when you want to offer multiple rewards.  Made with real meat as the first ingredient, these treats are a natural source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and support skin and...
Wild Meadow Farms Jerky Dog Treats
Wild Meadow Jerky Dog Treats are made with high quality, minimal ingredients. They are the perfect delicious high value treat for your dog! These treats are made in the USA with a blend of high-quality human-grade ingredients and are toasted by...
from $17.99
Muttropolis 'Chill Out' Calming Soft Chew Supplements
We know life can be full of stressors and our pets can experience and show signs of anxiety in a variety of ways like fear, depression, over grooming, or chewing furniture. Muttropolis 'Chill Out' Calming Soft Chew Supplements are here to provide...
$38.99 $30.99
Plato® Pet Treats Thinkers Meat Stick Dog Treats
Plato Thinkers Dog Treat Sticks are hearty, meat-packed sticks with added EPA and DHA to support healthy brain function. Made with real meat as the first ingredient, these treats are naturally preserved, and contain no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy.  Because of their large size, Thinkers offer substantial...
from $16.49
Muttropolis Munchers Classic Variety Dog Treat Bundle
Give them what they want! Our Muttropolis Munchers Dog Treats are Top Sellers for a reason! Made with only the best ingredients, you'll feel good giving them to your pup and they'll go crazy for them! The Muttropolis Munchers Dog Treat...
$47.96 $42.99
Bowsers Pet Products Artisan Walnut Single Feeder
Featured in Real Simple Magazine, the natural beauty and unique grain of this hand crafted Rubberwood Artisan Walnut Single Feeder is enhanced by soothing neutral finishes that create a rich chic look in any home. Featuring a contemporary modular design with an ultra-stylish square removable white...
from $44.99
Springer Pet Travel Water Bottle - Sky Blue
from $24.99
  • Sky Blue
  • Lilac
  • Poppy
  • Indigo
  • + 2
Springer Pet Travel Water Bottle - Sky Blue
Springer Pet Travel Water Bottle is a portable hydration station to keep your pup hydrated during any excursion! This innovative travel dog bottle was designed for your dog to drink from the attached bowl without wasting a drop (or making a...
from $24.99
  • Sky Blue
  • Lilac
  • Poppy
  • Indigo
  • + 2
Stella & Chewy’s® Essentials™ Wholesome Grains Dog Food
Stella & Chewy's Essentials Wholesome Grains Kibble Dog Food is the perfect food for pet parents looking for a premium diet that has a variety of wholesome grains including barley, oatmeal, brown rice, millet and quinoa. This USA-made food is protein-rich, nutrient...
from $17.99
ZIWI® Venison Shank Bone Dog Chew
When it comes to oral health, we take our cues from Mother Nature! Ethically sourced from free-range farms on New Zealand’s South Island, ZIWI® Venison Shank Bone Dog Chew is wrapped in beef esophagus and prepared with no added preservatives...
from $14.99
Gibson's™ Jerky Dog Treats
Natural, grain-free, USA Gibson's™ Jerky Dog Treats are made from high quality, human grade ingredients, and a unique solar powered toasting process that seals in the flavor. Packed in USA made bags, these soft jerky treats are ready for your dog to enjoy!Features Made...
ZIWI® Good Dog Reward™ Treats
All dogs deserve to be spoiled! These tasty treats are crafted for peak nutrition, with high inclusions of meat, organs, and seafood in authentic PeakPrey™ ratios – with added superfoods for a nutritional boost. A great training treat to reward your dog...
from $10.99
Virbac C.E.T.® Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dog Chews
Made from select beef-hide, these oral hygiene chews control plaque and are basted with a great poultry flavor that dogs love! Virbac C.E.T.® Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dog Chews are a single-layer, 100% beef rawhide in an appealing poultry flavor. These vet-recommended chews...
from $21.99
Open Farm Grain Free Dog Food
Feed your dog the best with Open Farm Food! Filled with protein, fruits and vegetables that are raised naturally, responsibly and humanely, Open Farm is the first Certified Humane dog food, ensuring that animals used in food production were treated...
from $25.49
Muenster Freeze-Dried Food Toppers and Dog Treats
Dog treats are more than biscuits! Introducing freeze-dried as part of a dog’s diet will help reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet which will effectively reduce inflammation. It may also prevent many common problems such as skin, joint and digestive issues. The perfect limited...
from $12.99
Cat-Man-Doo™ Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken Treats
A treat that dogs AND cats love!  These irresistible treats are made with human grade, FDA inspected, all white breast meat that's carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without...
BIXBI® Hip And Joint Jerky Dog Treats
Keep up their downward dogs. If morning yoga is your thing, this is the Jerky Treat that’ll make it their thing too. BIXBI Hip & Joint Jerky recipes starts with a drool-worthy protein, free-range chicken or grass-fed beef liver, and...

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