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Bully Stick Lovers Bundle
$24.97 from $22.49
Bully Stick Lovers Bundle
This one is guaranteed to be a winner! Your pup will go crazy for the taste of the Bully Stick Lovers Bundle and you'll feel good knowing you're giving an all-natural treat that's 100% digestible, low in fat, and high in protein. This tasty chew is...
$24.97 from $22.49
Whimzees® Veggie Ear Dental Chew Dog Treat
What’s that you say? You need an all-natural dental chew for your dog? The Whimzees® Veggie Ear Dental Chew Treat sounds like a delicious solution for removing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. These veggie-based treats are made with...
from $3.99
Plato® Pet Treats Real Strips Dog Treats
These treats are made for chomping! Plato® Pet Treats Real Strips Dog Treats are soft-textured, meat bars made with brown rice, are a natural source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, support skin and coat health, and are just the right portion size...
from $12.79
BIXBI® Bark Pops Dog Treats
Let's get this party poppin'! BIXBI Bark Pops are the light and fluffy answer to the biscuit blues. Made with a short list of human-grade ingredients, light as a cloud and expertly baked to give them that satisfying crunch that dogs go...
Feline Natural™ Healthy Bites Cat Treats
Treat your cat with the wholesome goodness of Feline Natural Healthy Bites Cat Treats! Delicious, healthy morsels made with all-natural premium ingredients that you can feel good about giving.Features 100% whole-food ingredients sourced from New Zealand Grass-fed, Free-range Lamb or Cage-free Chicken...
ZIWI® Lamb Trachea Dog Chew
When it comes to oral health, we take our cues from Mother Nature. Featuring grass-fed lamb sourced from New Zealand’s rolling pastures, ZIWI® Lamb Trachea Dog Chew are prepared simply, with no added preservatives or flavors—just slow and gentle air-drying....
$29.98 from $14.99
GoGo® USA Stressless™ Jerky Dog Treats
GoGo® Stressless™ Jerky Dog Treats is the only all-natural, stress-free, sourced and produced protein in the USA. These treats come from sustainably sourced cattle or venison that free-roam across Hawaii’s grasslands without predators and disease which allows them to live stress-less lives....
from $12.99
Cat-Man-Doo™ Dried Bonito Flakes Pet Treats
Purrfect for cats and kittens (and dogs)! Cat-Man-Doo™ Dried Bonito Flakes are a human-grade single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. Absolutely nothing has been introduced into the fish to compromise its purity. Low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so...
from $11.99
GoGo® Turkey Tendon Medium Ring Dog Chew
Give your pup what they want with the GoGo Turkey Tendon Medium Ring Dog Chew! These all natural 100% turkey tendons are a great source of protein and irresistible to your dog! We suggest that you supervise while your dog enjoys any chew...
Open Farm Dehydrated Dog Treats
Irresistible for them. Guilt-free parenting for you. These high protein healthy dog training treats make new tricks a walk in the park. These munch-able treats are protein-packed, thanks to 100% humanely raised protein or Ocean Wise® approved wild-caught cod, that...
from $13.79
ZIWI® Venison Lung & Kidney Dog Treat
Inspired by Mother Nature, ZIWI® Venison Lung & Kidney Dog Treat are a simple and natural solution to keep dogs smiling. Inspired by a dog's natural diet, these guilt-free treats are a combination of venison lung and kidney, ethically sourced...
K9 Natural™ New Zealand Green Mussels Healthy Snacks Dog Treats
Reward your dog with a taste they love. A natural superfood from the sea, K9 Natural™ New Zealand Green Mussels Healthy Snacks Dog Treats enhance your dog's overall health and wellbeing. These New Zealand Mussels are great for digestion, improving...
Skin & Coat Dog Treat Bundle
Make everyday a great hair day! The Skin & Coat Dog Treat Bundle will have your pup feeling like they just stepped out of a salon. These yummy treats combine much needed functionality with all natural, human-grade ingredients. Because nothing...
$33.68 $30.29
Muttropolis Munchers Meat Lovers Dog Treat Bundle
Give them what they want! If your pup has meat on the mind, they'll go crazy for the Muttropolis Meat Lovers Munchers Dog Treat Bundle! Your pup will be beggin' for more of these delicious bacon and meatball biscuits made with...
$23.98 $21.59
Lick You Silly Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Food Seasoning Boost
Turn up mealtime! The savory Lick You Silly Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Food Seasoning Boost is made in the USA of 100% premium USDA inspected meat, completely free of fillers, binders and unhealthy chemicals. Sprinkle this seasoning over wet or dry...
The Granville Island Pet Treatery Freeze Dried Tuna Flakes Cat Treat
The Granville Island Pet Treatery You're Playing My Tuna are a deliciously popular cat treat! The smoked fishy taste is irresistible and cats go crazy for these tuna flakes. Made with fresh, local ingredients whenever possible and are always tasty. Treat your...
SmallBatch Freezedried Bites Pet Treats
Protein + Probiotic + Superfood. These single-source protein treats feature 95% meat, organ and bone, fermented purple cabbage probiotic and superfood (varies with each flavor). Made with organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free meats, and only pure honest supplements. Smallbatch only...
Vital Essentials® Freeze Dried Salmon Skin Dog Chew
Freeze Dried Salmon Skin Dog Chew. Freeze Dried Salmon Skin are an excellent source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to help promote a healthy skin and coat and support healthy teeth and gums. A great nutritious, and delicious treat for your pup between meals. We suggest...
$9.87 from $3.79
Yeowww! Catnip Tub™
Yeowww! Catnip Tub™ packs a punch, even for the most high-maintenance or older finicky cats! 100% organically grown in the USA with no chemicals or pesticides used in cultivation. Each harvest is sampled to ensure the highest quality based on freshness,...
Get Naked Premium® Antioxidant Care Dog Chew
Boost immunity and fight free radicals with Get Naked Premium® Antioxidant Care Dog Chew. Made from the finest natural and healthful ingredients, this non-GMO, grain-free treat features higher levels of nutritional value from fruits and vegetable, with added vitamins, minerals &...
$31.18 from $15.59
West Paw™ Creamy Dog Treat
The Limited-Ingredient West Paw™ Creamy Dog Treat is made with drool-worthy dog favorites like Beef liver, beef bone broth, and pumpkin. These combination of ingredients make for silky coats, happy guts, and healthy joints. This gourmet treat is available in an...
Cat Sushi Pure Japanese Bonito Flakes
Everyone knows that cats love fish, so what could possibly be a better treat than pure, lightly flaked tuna with no additives or preservatives whatsoever? Nothing, of course! These classic bonito flakes are wonderfully thin and impossibly light. Cats love the...
Senior Dog Treat Bundle
Baby your senior with the delicious and functional Senior Dog Treat Bundle. These yummy treats combine much needed functionality with all natural, human-grade ingredients. Because nothing matters more than our pet's health, enjoyment, and happiness.  Features Only human quality, natural...
$58.67 $52.79
Chicken Lovers Dog and Cat Treat Bundle
If your pet can't get enough chicken, this is the bundle for them! Nothing boring about sticking to the classics, our Chicken Lovers Treat Bundle allows you to sample some of our favorite chicken treats! All made in the USA using only...
$30.48 from $27.39

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